A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders

How to Stay Afloat - and Even Thrive - During Times of Internal Instability

November 23, 2022 Robert Jordan, Co-founder, InterimExecs Season 10 Episode 1
A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders
How to Stay Afloat - and Even Thrive - During Times of Internal Instability
Show Notes

A growing number of companies struggling to cope with the many seismic shifts that are rocking global markets.  

In good times even poor leadership can keep the ship afloat.  But more turbulent times calls for enterprises to rethink their leadership.

However knowing you need to double down on finding the right people to lead your business - and actually defining what kind of talent you need to get the job done - is more challenging than it seems.

It’s led to a new way of looking at who might be the right people, and what might be the right personality traits and experience to take your organization from where it is to where you’d like it to be.

I’m Jane Singer and thank you for joining me here on A Seat at The Table. - and being part of our global community of industry leaders.

Today we have the pleasure of having Robert Jordan join us.

Robert is co-founder and head of the leadership team at InterimExecs,  a leadership executive matching firm that has helped fix global giants like Pepsi, Microsoft, UPS, and more by identifying the right leaders to step in during times of trouble or stagnation.

His new book, RIGHT LEADER, RIGHT TIME: Discover Your Leadership Style for a Winning Career [G&D Media / March 29, 2022], is the executive reader’s one-stop guide to assessing their distinct leadership style and a step-by-step plan for optimizing that style to best suit their business and scale its growth.

In this episode Robert talks about:

  • How companies can stay afloat—and thrive—during periods of internal instability.
  •  How a leader’s leadership ‘style’ and actions can help make or break a business.
  • Why sometimes leaders can - and maybe should - lean on their
  • teams.

Having the right leadership can be game changing. But finding the right talent can take a lot searching, especially in a fast changing market.

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So if you need to recruit new talent - or think that you might be doing that soon, head on over to their website. That’s asiannetconsultants.com.

Now let’s sit down with Robert and find what kind of person we need to lead our organization through these uncertain times.


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InterimExecs website: https://interimexecs.com/

https://www.rightleader.com/ (to take the free FABS leadership assessment) 

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