A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders

The Digitization of Professional Advice

November 14, 2022 Stefan Debois, Founder & CEO, PointerPro Season 9 Episode 25
A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders
The Digitization of Professional Advice
Show Notes

Automation is making even the most complex tasks easier and faster.   This has led  a growing number of businesses to look at everything they do and try and figure out how they can digitize it. 

Both large and smaller enterprises are being increasingly challenged to squeeze every bit of inefficiency and redundancy out of commonly performed tasks to reduce costs, save time - and ideally minimize errors.

But what about things that are typically more personalized?

Such as consulting?

Can even that be digitized?

I’m Jane Singer and thank you for joining me here on A Seat at The Table. - and being part of our global community of industry leaders.

Today we have Stefan Debois joining us.  Stefan is CEO of Pointerpro, an assessment software platform that helps professional services companies to automate their advisory processes.

If you were wondering how consulting services could be digitized (and I know I was) then stay tuned because Stefan will be sharing how to digitize your consulting services to deliver advice to clients at scale and why consultants need to stop charging their clients by time.

In this episode you’ll learn:

- How to digitize a highly customized business like consulting or other advisory services.
- How consultants need to rethink the consultant-client dynamic.
- Why it is better to base consulting contracts on outcomes or results rather than on hours worked.
- The most effective strategies and tactics for successfully bootstrapping a business.

No matter how much you digitize your business, ultimately you need top talent who can drive growth, build customer or supplier relationships, or  successfully lead teams.

That’s why top corporations and even smaller enterprises rely on Asianet Consultants to help them fill key positions.  Since 1988 Asianet has been working in partnership with its global clients to help them make the right strategic hires.  They have a well-earned reputation for being able to fill even those difficult to fill positions.

So if you need to recruit new talent - or think that you might be doing that soon, head on over to their website. That’s asiannetconsultants.com.

Okay, now it’s time to sit down with Stefan and learn how we can digitize even those more customized aspects of our business.


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