A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders

How EdTech is Breaking Barriers to Make Education Accessible to Everyone

November 02, 2022 Atul Temurnikar, executive chairman, Global Schools Foundation Season 9 Episode 22
A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders
How EdTech is Breaking Barriers to Make Education Accessible to Everyone
Show Notes

When someone mentions online learning we typically think of the pandemic years when students were participating in classrooms much the same way that their parents were spending their days in Zoom meetings.

In fact, that’s only one part of the game changing advancements that are taking place as traditional education meets 21st century tech solutions.

Today new use cases are being developed that make education more immersive and more accessible for students - regardless of where they are located.  

And its making it possible for people of all ages and circumstances to better themselves - thus helping to provide a solid path for poor nations to develop better educated populations.  As well as supporting people in advanced nations to boost their skillsets and move up in their careers.

The key is the fast growing field of EdTech.  And today’s guest is going to give us a window on what is actually happening around the world.

I’m Jane Singer and thank you for joining me here on A Seat at The Table.

Today we’re honoured to have Atul Temurnikar, executive chairman of Singapore-based Global Schools Foundation join us.

Global Schools Foundation, or GFS, is a not-for profit institution with 23 campuses of multicultural environments.

In this episode, Atul will be talking about:

How EdTech is changing the education landscape in both developed and emerging nations.

His experience helping to shape India’s education policy.

How AI, data analytics and machine learning can empower teachers and enhance the classroom experience for students.

And the world changing benefits of being able to provide people without financial means access to education.

Education also plays a key role in providing nations and organisations with both leaders and skilled workers.  

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Now let’s find out from Atul how technology is helping to spread education far and wide.


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